The process that generates the completion of a structure is classed as construction. These kinds of works are generally managed by a project manager and are supervised by either a project architect, design engineer, construction engineer or construction manager. There are different types of constructions such as civil, building and industrial construction.

Civil Construction
When the environment of a building has infrastructure added it falls under this category of construction. Local government agencies as well as international government agencies are typically the builders of this kind of construction. There are numerous legal and financial considerations when working on a civil construction.

These kinds of construction projects primarily serve the interest of the public and are undertaken and supervised by considerably large private companies.

Building Construction
This type of construction is the addition of small or large structures to land or real property. Most building construction is usually small reconstructions such as adding a bathroom or reconstructing a room.

Building constructions are acquired both privately and publicly via the use of different strategies such as hard bid, management contracting and construction management at risk to name a few.

All residential construction practices, resources and technologies must conform to the local building authority regulations and the codes of practice. The materials used in residential construction are widely available on the market with some of the common materials being brick, timber and stone. The construction cost for this type of project is on a β€˜per square foot’ basis due to the varieties of site considerations, conditions and scale.

Industrial Construction
A highly specialised skill in construction, planning and design is required in industrial construction. Usually, this type of construction is carried out by for profit, industrial and large corporations. The industries that these corporations can be found in are medicine, power generation, chemical and petroleum manufacturing.