a) Aesthetically pleasing and a high quality
b) Maintenance costs are lower
c) The material is fire resistant
d) Environmentally friendly
e) Steel components can be used time and time again
f) Frequently functional steel components
g) Durable, stable and reliable
h) Promotion of good design and safety
i) Suitable to temperature effects
j) Rigid in structure and stable dimensionally
k) Re-usable without effecting the environment
l) Construction is fast in comparison to other materials
m) Resistant to destructive insects
n) Cheaper than other construction methods
o) Fast method of construction
p) Steel components are easily designed or revamped
q) Effortless to transport
r) Never shrinks, twists or breaks

When you compare the cost of constructing a building you will find that constructing it in steel is less expensive than using other materials.

Steel constructions are placed at the top of the list because it is one of the safest kinds of construction when you consider the potential of climatic effects such as earthquakes. The reaction of steel constructions in such an event as an earthquake responds in a dependable and expected way.

Steel components will not contract or expand with climatic changes as well as being light. Steel construction is now used in the construction of residential buildings as well as commercial buildings. Steel is used for the construction of churches, bridges and recreational structures and not solely for specific building projects. The main reason for this is due to its strength, durability, resistance to fire and its inexpensiveness in comparison to other materials.