Benefits of Heavy Equipment Training Due to the large size and strength of machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes and forklifts they are categorised as heavy equipment. To operate these machines there is a need to be highly trained and skilled in their use.

Construction Injury

Construction Site Injury The potential of injury in the construction industry is always present even with the most advanced safety measures in place. An injury can be as ordinary as repetitive stress or as grave as death.

Construction Types

Construction Types The process that generates the completion of a structure is classed as construction. These kinds of works are generally managed by a project manager and are supervised by either a project architect, design engineer, construction engineer or construction manager.

Steel Construction

Steel Construction Advantages a) Aesthetically pleasing and a high qualityb) Maintenance costs are lowerc) The material is fire resistantd) Environmentally friendlye) Steel components can be used time and time againf) Frequently functional steel componentsg) Durable, stable and reliableh) Promotion of good design and safetyi) Suitable to temperature effectsj) Rigid in structure and stable dimensionallyk) Re-usable without effecting the environmentl) Construction is fast in comparison to other materialsm) Resistant to destructive insectsn) Cheaper than other construction methodso) Fast method of constructionp) Steel components are easily designed or revampedq) Effortless to transportr) Never shrinks, twists or breaks When you compare the cost of constructing a building you will find that constructing it in steel is less expensive than using other materials.


Technology in the Construction Industry Technologies’ role in the construction industry has faced a dramatic change over the last 10 years. The use and integration of computer based software that is now used in the planning, design and construction process has become an essential part to the ease and success of completing the construction project.